How Diana was a model in the 1930s

This is the story of Diana, a model for the 1930’s, and the story behind the first photo of her taken during the filming of the film.

In 1928, Diana was photographed in the Palace Theatre with fellow model and actress Vera Zaslakova.

She had recently been engaged to the Italian fashion designer Giuseppe Zanotti.

Zanotti died the previous year and Diana continued to work with the fashion house until her death in 1934.

Her last appearance was at the age of 31 in the opening of the Palace on the evening of September 23, 1928.

Diana is known to have had a fascination with fashion, but it was not until 1937, when she was filming a film in Italy, that she became obsessed with the new fashions.

In her first scene, she is seen in the company of fellow model Simone Giampiero, and they are photographed at the Palace.

She is shown in a black, low-cut gown with a pink neckline, and is then seen wearing a black lace dress, which was a bit more fitted than the one she wore in the picture she is shown wearing.

The dress has a bow with flowers, and it was a simple, low cut affair.

In the picture, she wears a white top, and her eyes are red and lidded.

At the end of the scene, Diana is seen standing behind a desk with her back to the camera.

Her eyes are also red, and she has a short, round nose.

It is not clear what happened to the dress at the time.

As a young woman, Diana wore many styles of women’s clothing, including a blue silk coat with a gold brooch, a black skirt, a red blouse, and a long, red ribbon around her neck.

In 1937, a number of people, including her brother, a well-known fashion designer, accused her of wearing the dress, and he was given a six-month suspended sentence for a crime he had not committed.

It was during this period that Diana decided to dress in black, which she did in order to blend into the surroundings of the palace, and to look more “familiar”.

In the final scene of the movie, she appears to be wearing the same black dress she wore the previous day.

It would be at this time that she would go on to become known as “Diana the Queen of Fashion”.

In an interview with the Times in 1939, she was asked if she would be the first model to wear black at the palace.

“Oh yes, absolutely,” she replied.

“I’ve always loved dressing up, and I’d never wear a black dress unless I was going to work or work out.

I’ve always wanted to wear a white dress when I go out to see a show.

The last time I wore one was when I was at my birthday party in 1926.”

Although the outfit she wears in the film is the first one to be seen by the public, it was actually a costume designed by Giampierso.

It has been worn by many famous people, and was originally intended to be used for the film’s opening, and not for the filming itself.

The costume was also used for another film, The Little Prince, which Diana made in 1926, in which she appeared in a white, short dress.

The costumes were made by Giamps and Costanza Giannini, who were not actually designers but merely provided the materials.

The dresses that Diana wore during the film were designed by the legendary costume designer D’Arcy Paquet.

Paquet was also responsible for the costume worn by Gwyneth Paltrow in the famous 1940s film, Mary Poppins, which is widely regarded as one of the most popular films of all time.

Paquets dress, or the Princess Diana dress, was created for the 1932 film of Mary Pooples.

The film was directed by Alfred Hitchcock, who had made a number other films, including The Birds, The Godfather, and The French Connection.

The Princess Diana was made for a much smaller budget than other Hitchcock films, and did not receive the same wide acclaim as other Hitchcock movies.

The design for the dress was based on an idea created by Paquet himself.

The inspiration for the design was the style of a dress worn by Queen Victoria.

Paqet was an avid fashion fan and would wear the costume whenever he was in Italy.

His inspiration for making the dress came from the French Riviera, and particularly Paris, which he visited in 1930.

Paquin was a very successful and influential fashion designer.

He was responsible for designing the costumes worn by several of the best-known actresses in the 1920s.

He also designed the first dresses for the New York Ballet, and his own couture house, The Paquettes, in the United States.

The Paquin dress was the first to be shown to the public at the 1931 Venice Film