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You can wear a skirt, blouse, or dress as a princess, but the best part is dressing as a Disney princess in style.

That’s because there are so many different ways to dress as Princess Diana.

You can go as an ordinary princess, or you can dress up as Princess Leia, the iconic character from Star Wars.

Let’s take a look at some of the best princess dresses in fashion.


Princess Diana’s Classic Dress (1939)Princess Diana’s classic dress was a stunning, timeless style.

It’s a mix of traditional dresses, embellished with lace, and some modern touches.

This is the dress that Princess Diana wore when she was Princess of Wales in 1939.

It features a satin bodice with a long waist and an elegant waist corset that hangs down over the waist.

The skirt is simple and straight, with a full skirt, corset, and garter belt.

The dress is a mix between traditional and modern, with elements of both.


Princess Anne’s Dress (1977)Princes Anne and Princess Diana had a very different style of dress in the 1970s.

Princesses Anne and Diana were very different from each other in style and dress.

Anne wore a lace bodice, a long skirt, and a long garterbelt.

The outfit was an ensemble of a black bodice (similar to the one worn by Princess Leia), black skirt, white gloves, and black knee-length boots.

The accessories included a garter-belt, a girdle, and earrings.


Princess Margaret’s Dress The 1940s era was very popular for women, especially women of color.

In 1940, Princess Margaret wore a light skirt and a blouse.

It was a style called “Margaret” and it was considered to be more feminine.

This was the style of the period, when people like Margaret wore short skirts, a lace garter, and white stockings.

Margaret had a great style, but her dress was very much in line with the era.


Princess Victoria’s Dress This was one of Victoria’s most popular styles.

In the 1940s, Princess Victoria wore a very high-waisted white gown with a lace neckline, a wide skirt, a simple blouse (in a different color), and a black skirt.

She also had a simple garter and earring.

Princess Elizabeth was Victoria’s second daughter.


Princess Louise’s Dress Louise had a much more traditional look, but it was a bit more formal and formal was more appropriate for the time.

Her dress was also a little more formal, with high heels and a veil.

The gown was a very basic design with a girtle, white stock, and long skirt.


Princess Jasmine’s Dress Jasmine wore a much simpler dress.

It had a skirt that was longer and a low bodice.

This dress had a short skirt and no garter.

She had a black lace bodette, a white blouse with white stocking, and an ivory anklet.


Princess Charlotte’s Dress Princess Charlotte had a similar dress as Jasmine.

It didn’t have a skirt and it didn’t had a girth.

It looked like a skirt but the girth wasn’t as big.

This princess had a blouson and a short dress.


Princess Anna’s Dress Anna’s style was very simple.

She wore a simple, low-cut white dress with a plain bodice and skirt.

This Princess had a white lace bodetta and white waist cording.

Princess Leia’s dress was less formal.

Princess Beatrice’s dress is the first time Princess Beatrix wore a dress with lace.

She was very plain, and she wore a skirt.


Princess Mary’s Dress Mary was a different style.

She dressed very differently from the princesses of the ’50s and ’60s.

She looked very modern in the 1940’s.

She did not have a long dress.

She simply wore a plain white dress, with simple, simple, lace skirts and a white girdler.


Princess Caroline’s Dress Caroline was very different.

She wanted a more traditional dress.

Her style was much more formal than the princess’s.

This one had a long, simple skirt, with black lace girdlers, and satin boots.


Princess Martha’s Dress Martha had a dress that was much simpler.

It wasn’t a traditional dress, but she still had a bodice that was long.

She still had her long skirt that fell down to her ankles.


Princess Grace’s Dress Grace had a different look.

She chose a more classical style.

Her gown was short and she had a lace blouse and girdling.

She used white stockinettes, a skirt with garter belts, and gold earrings for a more royal look.


Princess Katherine’s Dress