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How to use crypto to buy rainbow fashion from New York City in 2021

By The Guardian – March 21, 2021 07:13:58A new blockchain startup called New York Fashion Metro has revealed that it will offer customers the chance to purchase the dresses and accessories they are seeking on the blockchain.

The company, founded by former New York fashion designer Sarah Lattanzi and co-founder Lizzie Groskopf, is a blockchain-powered fashion retailer.

It will also be a new option for anyone who wants to buy dresses and other fashion products that are currently being produced in China or elsewhere in Asia.

“The idea is to bring the old world into the digital age,” Grosbopf told The Guardian.

“It’s a way to bring in new people to wear a fashion that is traditionally in a different way.

It’s a more personalized experience for the consumer, and it allows for people to buy products they wouldn’t normally buy.”

New York Fashion Metropolitan will launch in the first quarter of 2021 and is aiming to have a presence in the US by the end of 2021.

The company will work with designers, designers in fashion, and retailers to offer customers in the city’s outer boroughs an option to buy designer items, or to buy a range of clothes that are made in China.

“In New York, fashion has always been a very diverse space,” Grazkopff said.

“We wanted to bring it to the next level, which is bringing people from different cultures, people who aren’t necessarily in the fashion industry, but who want to buy something they would normally buy at a store.”

The firm aims to become the world’s first and largest fashion blockchain retailer.

“What we want to achieve is a complete digital marketplace, where people can find everything they need, whether they are looking for a gown, a necklace, a watch, a shoe, or anything else, through the blockchain,” she said.

The concept behind the company is that it is all about the customer.

The New York city store will be entirely digital, allowing customers to buy from one another and also to make purchases at any point, she said, while also allowing for customers to pay with cash.

The platform is already being used by retailers and other developers to deliver on their marketing and digital strategy, Grazkowski said.

“We are seeing an exponential increase in the amount of engagement, and a really interesting way to think about the potential of this platform is to think of it as an intermediary to deliver content to consumers,” she explained.

“It’s the next step in the evolution of the industry.”

Grazkowski is currently co-founding the company with Lizzies partner, Emma Breslin, and her husband, Jason, who co-founded the New York branch of the luxury clothing company J.


The business model of the New Yorker is one that would allow them to be completely digital, said Lizzi Grazka, a senior executive at the company.

“I think New Yorkers are like the Silicon Valley of fashion.

We’ve got this incredible talent pool, and I think New York is the one that will be able to provide that talent to the platform,” she told The New Yorker.”

This is where the magic is happening, where the creativity and the innovation and the growth really comes from.”

Groskopyf said that the company’s aim is to be able make New Yorkers “an even more valuable asset in the world of fashion”.

“What we’ve really been working on is trying to give New Yorkers a better experience than we’ve had in the past,” she added.

“This is really about making New Yorkers an even more relevant asset in our economy.”

“I really think that we can transform the way that fashion is perceived in the United States and in the rest of the world,” she concluded.