A few women in the fashion industry have come out in support of their male counterparts

Women in fashion, like fashion bloggers, have been openly and proudly discussing how men are getting their ideas wrong and how women are getting theirs right.

And that’s only the beginning.

We’ve seen countless women, male and female, publicly declare their support of men in fashion. 

For instance, one of the most famous fashion bloggers of all time, Gwen Stefani, recently posted a photo of herself in a white tank top and jeans. 

“I can’t get enough of men like this.

And you’re the one with the power and the money,” Stefani wrote on Instagram.

“I can make my own money.

No one else has.

That’s what it’s all about.” 

Another popular female fashion blogger, Samantha Lee, wrote on Twitter that she would never have gone into the business if it weren’t for her boyfriend, who has a huge interest in fashion and wanted to give back.

“The thing that I don’t know about men is they’re always thinking, ‘How am I supposed to be a woman in this industry?'” she tweeted. 

More recently, fashion blogger and blogger extraordinaire Lauren Lapkus, who runs a blog called LaLapkus Fashion, posted an Instagram photo of her wearing a suit jacket over her red skirt and white tanktop with the caption, “I feel like I’ve finally found my ‘fit’ for the world.”

“You see, I’m not trying to prove that men can be great at anything.

It’s just that the things that I’ve learned about being a woman have helped me see the world in a way that I never could have seen it,” she said. 

While some women have come to the defense of men, others have been outspoken about the issues they’ve faced and have expressed their frustration. 

A few prominent women in fashion have come forward in support. 

The New York Times reported on Thursday that a group of women are trying to help each other. 

One of the first women to make her name in the world of fashion and advertising, Laura Lippman, was named in a lawsuit filed in New York City by the National Association of Realtors and filed in January. 

Lippman was accused of defrauding investors in the online real estate marketplace Airbnb by falsely claiming that she was the sole owner of the company. 

On Thursday, Lippmans Instagram was flooded with posts of people praising her for her bravery and for her decision to speak out. 

Other women have also taken to social media to support men in the industry, sharing similar messages. 

Many have said that they are confident in their male colleagues, and in their own abilities, to be able to make their own money and live a more comfortable life. 

But, some have also shared their personal stories of being hurt by the way men are treated. 

In an interview with WGBH Boston, the fashion blogger Anna Mancini said she was harassed by a man while working as a stylist for a fashion label. 

She said she felt her career was on the line, and was told by the stylist that she didn’t fit in.

Mancinis experience inspired her to go public with her story, which was featured in New York Magazine in 2015. 

Mancini, who is in her mid-30s, told the magazine she worked as a professional stylist in the city for three years and had never once been harassed. 

During her interview, Mancinos appearance was called into question by an unidentified stylist. 

After Mancinas story was featured, she was inundated with messages from men who claimed she didn. 

Her experience and the response from men in her industry led Mancis to make the decision to take a stand. 

“[I] was very much aware that what I was doing wasn’t going to be taken seriously,” Manci said.

“It wasn’t what they were looking for.

I had been in the business for over 10 years and this is the first time that they really took it seriously.” 

In the interview with WGBH, Manchetti also said that she feels that men in their business often don’t get the respect they deserve, and she hopes that their story will inspire other women to speak up. 

Despite being an outspoken fashion blogger who has come out publicly in support, Manches decision to do so has been controversial, and has sparked the ire of her fellow fashion bloggers. 

 The online fashion industry has been full of vitriol and sexism, and many women have been criticized for their outspokenness. 

This past week, an Instagram user who goes by the name of Gwen Stefanski wrote that she felt that “the only way I can prove that women are worthy of equal consideration is to write a book.” 

While Stefanski’s statement was widely shared, others were less than