How to buy new fashion and fashion accessories online

The Italian fashion industry is a big market, but it’s not as lucrative as in the UK, according to a new study.

That’s because of a number of factors, according a report by Faurofina.

“The main problem is that the main source of revenue in the Italian fashion world is not from retail, but from online,” said the researcher.

“If we take the UK as an example, fashion is a hugely important market with many brands that sell products in many different categories,” she added.

“Fashion is a product that is widely considered to be of a high quality.

And it’s also a highly regulated industry.”

It is not surprising, then, that the Italian industry has been a target of online piracy.

The country is home to the largest market for fashion, with many major designers and brands including Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Prada and Versace.

In 2015, a number on the Italian Fashion Institute’s website was illegally shared more than three million times.

That figure represents a 15 percent increase on 2014.

According to Faurobina, the country is one of the most affected, with around 10 percent of all the online fashion traffic going to Italy.

“We are very interested in improving our industry, to be able to provide a better experience for our customers, but the situation has worsened,” said Faurrofino.

“There is an increasing number of sites, with very low quality, that are making money from stealing the beauty of Italian fashion.

This is unacceptable.”

The country has been criticised by the European Commission for its lax rules on internet piracy.

This week, it proposed tougher measures to combat the problem.

But Faurizio thinks it’s a bigger issue than the current debate.

“Italy has been the poster child of the internet piracy problem.

That is what is so worrying, because that’s why the country was able to pass a law on copyright last year.

Now, it is not going to be solved by making laws.

We need to create a policy for the whole industry, not just for designers,” she said.

The Italian Fashion Council has launched a new initiative to tackle online piracy in the country.

This will include setting up a network of experts who will help to combat online theft, such as helping to protect websites from takedowns.

“A lot of our brands have to protect their sites and to ensure that they are not being used for illegal content,” said Giulia Di Giacomo, a member of the council.

“This is an issue that is not only concerning the fashion industry, but also for the wider industry.”