Italian football’s first brand ‘Brandy Old Fashioned’ is ready to launch

Italia 1 / 3 Brandy Old Fashioned (top left) and new Adidas brand, Brandy (bottom right) are set to open in the city of Rome on Friday.

The company’s slogan will read “Old Fashioned and new”.

It’s not clear if it will be a new brand or just a new logo.

The Italian brand is a new sports brand that will launch with a single shoe, a football shoe.

It is a brand created in partnership with Adidas, which makes the shoes.

“The team has already started work with Nike and we are still waiting for a contract with the German sports apparel giant,” said Italian sportswear manufacturer Adidas Chief Executive Officer Mauro Baldini.

“In order to create a brand that is more than just football, the brand should have been inspired by old fashion, which was born out of the 80s, when sports were all about style, style, and style.”

“Brandy” is the brand’s first name, and it is the name of the brand.

The brand will be available in men’s and women’s versions.

It will be the first Italian brand to launch in Europe, which will give it international appeal.