We’re the fashion industry’s biggest fan

Hacker News user irl_santa_sue_e_jones has just tweeted an image of her new fashion shoe, which she has dubbed “Fashion Metro.”

The fashion-inspired shoe is the first of its kind to be designed specifically for women who wear sneakers.

“My mission with this shoe is to inspire and inspire others, not just to inspire me, but to inspire the women I work with,” the user said in the tweet.

“I am a fashion icon,” she wrote.

“This shoe embodies that in an elegant and chic way.”

“I’ve been inspired to make this shoe for women,” she said.

“They are my friends and I will always be proud of them.”

The shoe has been designed to be worn with a loose-fitting dress, which is made of a polyurethane fabric and is designed to blend into a woman’s skin and not impede its motion.

The shoes are available for purchase from the fashion retailer, and they have been praised by fashion designers like Lauren Mayberry, who described them as “one of the most stylish shoes ever.”

The image of the shoe was first spotted by the popular fashion blog Lingerie Junkie.

“Fifty Shades of Fashion” star Erika Jayne also tweeted the image, which has since been shared more than 200,000 times.

The shoe is currently available in three colors, which are red, orange, and yellow.