What it takes to make the world’s most fashion-forward backpack

It’s not every day you get to see a brand’s first-ever backpack, but that’s exactly what’s on display at the New York Fashion Week in New York City.

The company behind the new “Newton” is also celebrating its 40th anniversary with its first-of-its-kind backpack, with a design that will only become even more fashionable with time.

The Newton, which is called “The Future of Fashion” and comes with a built-in water bladder, has been a go-to for designers since the brand was founded by John Newton in 1960.

The backpack, designed by London-based designer Jeremy Bentham, is a modern take on classic utilitarian designs, with the same design features and features as the classic Newton backpack.

Newton said he wanted the Newton to become the fashion backpack of the future, and the company is proud to unveil its new design in the form of a limited-edition capsule, priced at $3,700.

It is a design-driven capsule designed to reflect Newton’s vision, said Andy Newman, founder and creative director of Newton.

“The Newton is a bold statement of how we are trying to reimagine fashion in the 21st century, and that is to create a backpack that celebrates the classic elements of fashion and the innovative new technology and the way we design it,” Newman said.

“The Newton has a built in water bladder that can be used to drink your coffee, which you’ll love,” Newman added.

“You’ll also love the built-ins for your camera and a camera-like pocket for your wallet.

It’s a classic backpack, and this is a new way to explore fashion and what’s possible.”

Newton launched the Newton in a limited run of 100 of the product, which he hopes will be sold at the event, and has received positive reviews.

Newman said the capsule is designed to give designers and brands a chance to showcase their design ideas without being seen as gimmicks.

“It’s a bold departure for Newtons and it’s a huge departure for fashion, and I think it’s going to be a big departure for consumers,” he said.

The Newtons original Newton backpack, which was designed in 1960, was designed by John (pictured) Newton and was a classic design.

Newton said that he wanted to design a modern backpack that would be timeless, but not too timeless, and it was inspired by classic style.

Newtons design also reflects the way that people are using technology, and he said that it will also help to inspire people to embrace a more modern, more modern way of life.

“It’s not just about the design of the backpack, it’s about the technology and how it’s being used,” Newman explained.

“There’s no technology in this capsule that’s not being used, so it’s an extension of that.”

Newtons capsule is also an extension to the company’s design philosophy.

“When we’re working on a design, we have to take time to think about what makes the perfect companion for the backpack,” Newman continued.

“We always have to be careful not to over-do it, but I think we have taken that approach in this design.

We always say the backpack should feel timeless, not too retro, and not too modern.”

Newman, who has designed for designers including Kate Moss and Tommy Hilfiger, said that the Newton will be one of the highlights of New York.

“I’m really excited about what the Newtons capsule can offer,” Newman stated.

“This is going to inspire and inspire people, and as we work on other things we’ll have more information about what’s going on, but Newtons is very excited about this capsule.”

NewTON has teamed up with the New England Design Museum to make this capsule, which will be available to the public starting June 30, 2017.

The capsule features a traditional New England design with a modern twist, and Newman said that people will be able to purchase it in a variety of ways.

“They can choose to have it on their phone or in a backpack,” he explained.

“They can get it in the store, and they can just buy it on the spot.

It’ll be a real way for people to take a look at it and see what’s in there,” Newman noted.