Fashion magazine’s 20 most influential women of the past decade

Fashion magazine Vanity Fair has named 20 women who have had a major influence on fashion trends and fashion trends themselves.

The magazine, which covers fashion from the 1920s to the present day, said its list of women of note was compiled over a period of time by a panel of editors, editors and contributors.

“This is a collection of women who’ve changed the way we see fashion, and we’re really excited to have them on the magazine,” Vanity Fair editor Jodi Vella said.

“Their contributions span everything from the fashion world to the international fashion scene and beyond.”

These women have shaped fashion, changed the fashion industry and helped shape our understanding of what it means to wear a dress, in the world of fashion and in the 21st century.

“I’m really proud to have this collection of 20 women, and it’s something we’re excited to share with our readers.”

The magazine said that in addition to the 20 women on the list, the magazine also included two women who had significant influence on the industry’s first-generation designers, and the fashion house behind the iconic designer couture gowns of the 1920’s and 1930’s.

“Fashion magazine Vanity fair is committed to revealing the voices of fashion insiders, and in this week’s issue we’ll feature the voices and stories of our editors, writers, and contributors, in a conversation that is at once fresh and timeless,” Vella wrote.

“You can also check out our exclusive feature on fashion history with a look at our interview with Barbara Arnolds, who won an Oscar for her work on the couture of the ’20s.”

Villa Fair has been publishing fashion and fashion history for more than 20 years, and said that it is a key source of information for readers.

“The fashion magazines of today, as well as those of the 20th century, are the foundation for understanding the modern world, and they have been the primary source of inspiration for designers, designers’ families, and even generations of fashion-minded adults,” Villa Fair editor-in-chief Jennifer Schreiber said.