Five reasons why I’m still obsessed with the 80s

I’m a big fan of the 80’s.

It’s when it all started, back in the late 80s, when the music video for the band Aerosmith hit the big screen.

The movie has been in theaters for 30 years now, and has spawned dozens of music videos, including one by the likes of Kanye West, who was a fan of Aerosuth when they were in the studio.

I still watch them, and it’s always been an obsession, even when I was in college.

So why am I still obsessed?

It all started with this video for “Mountain Song,” a song by Aerosight.

In the video, the band is in the middle of a desert, as they play a slow-burned guitar solo.

Aerosight were an underground band with a lot of influence from the 1970s, and the music was heavy and fast.

They were one of the first bands to really take off, and became huge acts in the 80ies and 90ies.

As I grew up, Aerosights became more and more mainstream, and I remember feeling like the band were a big part of my childhood.

And they’ve been around for so long, it’s hard to remember them without hearing them.

My mother, who is also a musician, used to listen to them when she was a kid, and now I listen to their music on my phone all the time.

But the music is still the main thing that makes me feel a part of the culture.

Every single one of them has a song in it that is about some thing, and that’s where my obsession comes from.

That’s why, when I saw that video, I was immediately hooked.

When you watch Aerosons music videos on YouTube, you see the band in their heyday.

Back then, they were really popular.

At one point, AeroSights songs were playing all over the place.

For example, “Maine Mountain Song” was the number one hit on the Billboard Top 40 in the early 90s.

There were even songs by AeroSight songs that were on MTV’s “Rappers” and “Rap Game.”

There’s no question that Aerosongs music influenced a lot more than the songs themselves.

“Maine” is one of AeroSongs most popular songs.

This video of AerOsight playing “Mile High” is their most famous song.

From the beginning, the Aerosoths music video was one of their most iconic.

People are always surprised when I say this, because they’ve never heard it before.

Even the song title, “My Mountain Song,” is pretty hard to find, but it’s one of my favorites.

You can find AeroSens song titles in any playlist.

With “Miles Away,” Aerosouths music video begins with the band playing a slow, acoustic guitar, and they’re all in different states of mind.

All of the guys have their hands full, and their instruments are all moving at a speed that’s difficult to describe.

Then, as soon as the camera pans across the desert, we see a woman singing to a car.

If you know the lyrics, it is very simple, but if you don’t, it gets even harder to understand.

Everyone in the band sings along, but not everyone is in agreement.

One of the women has an idea.

Why do we need to sing this song?

She explains it, and everyone in the group agrees.

She says it will get them out of this bad place, and get them closer to her.

We are so close, and so much love is in this song.

It’s the most important song we’ve ever written.

What makes this song so important to me is that it’s about love.

While Aerosuns music videos were pretty popular at the time, there was a time when I had no idea what love was.

Until I listened to the song. 

I’ve never been one to shy away from expressing my feelings, and this song is a perfect example of that.

Yes, the song is about love, but this song also addresses the idea of love as an emotion.

To me, love is about connection, and connecting with others, which are two very important things.

Because of this, AerOscs music videos are one of its most powerful messages.

Although this song was about Aerosys music, the lyrics also deal with love in a much more positive way.

Love is not about what people think of you.

It is about the connection you have with another person, and how that person can help you in any way they can.

Now that I have this song in my memory, I’m able to reflect