How to design a stylish kids’ fashion line: A look at kids’ designers and brands

How to choose the right kids’ clothes for your kids’ collection?

A look through some of the latest designs in the fashion world, and the designers that have inspired them.

The kids will love this collection.

The designers in this collection are: L’Oreal Paris : Kids’ dress collection for the ages of 3-12 in bright, colourful and sophisticated colours.

It features colourful prints and prints with a bright pink/yellow colour palette. 

 Maraquin : Kids clothes with a fun and playful design. 

Mira : Kids clothing that is designed to inspire a child to be playful and active. 

Saks Fifth Avenue : Kids-friendly fashion collection that features children’s items in the classic styles, plus the latest trends. 

The brand also features a range of accessories that are suitable for the child. 

L’Oliveira : A children’s fashion line that showcases the latest in children’s clothing and accessories, including a range for children under 5. 

Glamour : A young children’s line that features fashionable accessories, designs and prints. 

Fantastico : Kids wearable apparel and accessories for the children and teens in your life. 

Klickitung : Kids footwear and accessories with a range to match. 

La La Land : Kids apparel and apparel for the kids. 

Bruno Mars : Kids fashion collection with an extensive range of styles and designs. 

Elle : Kids products, including jewelry, clothing and toys, all with a timeless style. 

Polaris : Kids accessories with an eclectic range. 

Hudson & Mackay : Kids and family products for the young and child-friendly in the world. 

Shania Twain : A collection of fun, playful designs that are designed to keep children engaged. 

Toys ‘R’ Us : Kids toys for the older kids.