How to wear korean streetwear at home: Barbie fashionista in Seoul

KOREA–(Reuters)–(BUSINESS WIRE)–(AFP)–(Reuters)–(BUSWELL)–Barbie, the world’s biggest cosmetics company, announced on Tuesday it will buy cosmetics maker Fendi for $3.9 billion (2.2 billion euros), raising its stake in the world leader in cosmetics and cosmetics-related services.

Barbie will continue to operate as a separate company with Fendi in a new and expanded portfolio of brands.

Fendi, which was founded in 1929, has a market value of about $1.2 trillion, according to Bloomberg data.

Barbies brand, Barbershop, has seen strong growth in recent years.

It has a net worth of about 1.3 billion euros, or $1 billion, according the company’s most recent report.

Barbershop has seen its market value rise to more than 4 billion euros from about 3 billion euros in 2018, said Fendi CEO Jean-Paul Laanen.

The company will also retain a 25 percent stake in Barbershops, the company said.

Barbershop has seen a sharp rise in popularity as consumers seek out new and different styles of hairstyles, hair products, makeup and more.

It also recently expanded into more urban areas, including in Los Angeles, where it has been expanding into the Asian market.

Barbies popularity also has expanded internationally.

The global brand is known for its signature barbershop style, with its colorful uniforms and signature accessories.