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Old fashioned drink? How about a cocktail?

I can’t really imagine an old fashioned drink without a little something for the barista, but this cocktail is no ordinary cocktail.

It’s got a twist on the old school, but without the caffeine.

I’m a fan of a cocktail with a twist.

The combination of gin, orange bitters, lime, and orange peel adds an interesting, citrusy kick to the mix, and the cocktail itself has a lot going for it.

Here’s how to make your own.

Start with a drink that’s made with the most simple ingredients.

You’ll need: Gin vodka A splash of orange bitters to taste (I use this one) A cocktail spoon (or a barbeque stick, if you prefer) An old fashioned glass, which should be at least half an inch thick and have a rim Some lime juice or orange juice (I love this one, it tastes so good) The orange peel can be cut into thin strips or chunks, as you prefer.

I like mine with chunks because it’s so easy to cut, and it gives it a bit of a “snap” to it. 

Put the vodka in the old fashioned.

Put the orange bitters in the glass, along with a splash of lime juice. 

Add the orange peel and mix it well. 

Stir the mix together and pour the mixture into the old fashion.

Pour the drink into the glass. 

Boil the drink for a few seconds, until it thickens. 

Pour some lime juice on top. 

And that’s it!

I hope you enjoy this simple drink, and if you try it, let me know!

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