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What the French fashion industry wants from their designers

French fashion designer salary: what’s the average salary in the industry? 

The article says that French fashion design salary is around €60,000 a year, with a median salary of €30,000. 

The median salary for designers in the US is $40,000, according to PayScale. 

However, it’s worth noting that this is not an exact figure, as it includes salary increases and bonuses. 

So, what’s an average French designer salary? 

According to PayPoint, designers in France earn an average salary of: $57,000 – $64,000 per year, depending on where they are based. 

Designers in the UK make about £50,000 to £55,000 annually. 

The US salary for designer designers in 2012 was about $66,000 according to Glassdoor. 

But the UK salary is slightly higher at about $61,000 (£49,000). 

French designers also make a lot more money when they’re working abroad, especially in the fashion industry. 

A French designer in Italy will earn €90,000 in the Netherlands, €115,000 or more in France. 

That’s because designers are paid a minimum salary of 50 euros ($68), and they are entitled to a bonus of 50% of their total annual salary. 

This is because France’s salary cap is €1 million a year. 

French design salary has also become more competitive. 

In 2010, it was €80,000 for designers to work at fashion brands. 

Today, it is €60 to €70,000 (depending on the design) depending on which of the two major European brands you work for. 

And it is a big increase from 2010, when designers were earning just under €50,00 per year.

In the past year, there has been an increase in salaries, particularly for designers who work in the United States. 

On the heels of the new US President’s announcement, the American fashion industry is expecting a new round of higher pay. 

President Donald Trump has proposed a total of $1.6 trillion in tax cuts for American businesses and an increase of $2.5 trillion in corporate tax revenue. 

There are also plans for a $500 billion corporate tax cut, including an increase to the repatriation of earnings held abroad. 

 However it is unclear whether Trump’s plans will lead to higher pay, particularly when compared to the French. 

What are the big pay rises and bonuses for designers? 

French designer salary has increased over the past decade, and it is expected to continue increasing in the years to come. 

It is estimated that designers in 2017 made an average of €35,000 ($40,700) per year after tax. 

An average salary for French designers was €30 to €35 per hour. 

For designers in Britain, it increased from €37,000 €50 to €44,000.(The UK average is €35). 

And the average designer salary in France has increased from around €40,00 to around €50 per hour since 2006. 

Although the increase in the French salary is lower, designers are also receiving bonuses, usually around 10% of the final salary.

A French design designer at an exclusive brand in Paris, France.

Source: Getty ImagesIt’s also worth noting how French designers are more likely to be paid for their work on the runway. 

According the French Fashion Institute, in 2017 designers in Paris earned an average wage of €32,000 on the job. 

France’s average salary is about $48,000 and the average wage for designers at the UK is about £42,000 after tax.(See here for more on French salaries). 

In 2013, a survey of French fashion designers found that 90% of designers felt that they could not afford to pay their designers. 

“The French fashion community is very competitive,” a French designer told us. 

While there are many designers who make a huge salary, there is also a lot of work that is left for others. 

If you are a designer in France, you can take a break from the world of fashion to help out your favourite designers.