When the 80s Fashion Women Were the Cool Kids: ‘You Look Like You’re Dying’ (Video)

When the fashion scene of the 80’s started to get more mainstream and mainstream fashion was getting bigger, there was a lot of fashion criticism and criticism of fashion from people who were in the minority, who didn’t fit in.

So, I think it was really important to start to open up about the trends that were going on and I think a lot more people started to see the trend and to get involved with it.

I think in the 80ies and 90ies, the people who really started the trend were the girls.

I think at that time, it was all about the fashion.

When you went to the mall and you saw a model, you didn’t know what she looked like, what she was wearing.

And it was just all about, ‘Well, I’m wearing this and that.’

But now it’s more like, ‘Oh, she’s doing this and she’s wearing that.’

So, it’s much more of a diverse scene, and it’s really important that people can get involved and feel like they can get in on the ground floor.

In the 80 and 90s, there were a lot different styles.

The kids had more of an urban style.

They were much more hip-hop and punk and grunge-inspired.

And you had girls who had been through the 80 or 90s fashion scene.

So it was a different time.

There were so many different styles of clothing.

It was like, oh my gosh, I love this!

It was so much more like fashion magazines.

I loved it!

I loved being a fashion model.

But now, you see, it just becomes more about, this is what I’m into.

You know, you’re not going to wear this because you’re scared of getting rejected.

You’re not getting any fashion awards.

It’s just all this fashion that’s been put on.

I’m just so glad I’m alive to be able to say, hey, I’ve always been interested in fashion.

And I really think it’s because of fashion.

I don’t think it just happened naturally, but it just has to happen because it’s just so interesting and cool.

I know that I am a huge fashion fan.

I’ve loved every single one of the dresses that I’ve ever worn.

I love how they look.

And they’re not only a fashion trend, but they’re an art and it doesn’t just come from the fashion world.

It has to come from a real community.

You have to have a group of people who are passionate about fashion.

That’s the most important thing to me, to see a group like fashion that is really involved and who’s so passionate about it, and really want to help out and do what’s best for the community.

You know, I actually really enjoyed being a model for a magazine when I was 17.

I had just come out of college.

I was like a lot younger than the girls who I was modeling for at the time.

I wasn’t like the one that was like 18 or 19 years old.

And when I did my first model shoot, I was just completely amazed at how well it turned out.

I felt like I was a model.

I looked like a model!

I had this really good sense of style.

And then when I started my second modeling shoot, it turned into something bigger, so I really enjoyed it.

I really loved the work and I really liked working with some of the women that were there and they were amazing.

And now I’m the owner of an adult store and I can bring people from all over the world and I’m happy to be part of that.

It is something that’s just very rewarding to me.

I feel like I am one of those people who have this really cool career and I feel that I can share my passion with people who can relate to that.

I can share it with people from across the world, and I am proud to be an adult model, and to be a model myself.

I have a really good understanding of fashion and I do have a lot to teach people.

I can teach them how to do a fashion show, how to dress, how not to dress.

I am able to give them some really good advice.

I love fashion and what it’s all about.

And the only thing that I don´t like is the backlash.

I hate it.

So I feel bad when people have a reaction, when people think it´s a big problem.

Because I don`t know what they’re doing.

I only know what I do.

But when people do that, then they can really mess it up.

And so, I just want to say thank you to everyone who supports me.