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Why Instagram has become an app of its own

We all use Instagram to show off our fashion.

But how do you make that experience more personal and relevant?

Today, we’re taking a look at the new Instagram app and what it can bring to you.


Themes and images.

Instagram is now a curated search engine with a variety of visual styles and filters to choose from.

There’s now a category for “fashion” which allows you to search for specific styles and brands from around the world.

Instagram also offers a new category called “beauty” which offers curated beauty products from brands like Clinique and Colour Pop. 

Themes can also be added directly from your feed.

You can use the hashtag #fashion, and select the category you’d like to search. 


Search with your photo.

The new photo search lets you search for a photo of a brand’s logo, the logo of a company, or any other visual.

Instagram can now provide you with the name of the person behind the brand, the brand’s brand logo, or a product image, and even its image on Instagram. 


Discover the brands that are trending in your area.

The brand search lets Instagram search for brands in your local area.

You’ll be able to browse the Instagram trending hashtags and brands to see what’s trending in the area.

If you see something you like, you can use that as your first search term.

If not, you’ll get a link to Instagram’s brand search page. 


You won’t have to sign in with your Instagram account to discover brands.

The Instagram app also offers tools to help you discover brands on the site.

Search for a brand and you can quickly find the brand in your photo gallery or share it with friends.

You also have a new tab to filter your photos by brands, products, and brands in the US.

You have access to brands, brands, and products in your city as well. 


Follow brands and influencers.

Instagram has expanded its reach to influencers and brands, giving you a new way to follow them.

In addition to the brand search, you now have the ability to follow influencers from around this world.

You don’t need to be an Instagram influencer to be a part of the brand and product search, and you get to see the brands and products they’re working with as well as what they’re promoting on Instagram in the brand tab. 


Create a brand.

You no longer have to build a brand before you can start building an Instagram account.

Simply enter the Instagram hashtag in the search box, and the app will create a brand based on your photo and content.

You get to choose a name, an Instagram logo, and a color scheme for the brand. 


Discover influencers in the U.S. For the first time, Instagram will show you the top Instagram influencers who have launched their accounts in the United States. 


Explore brands in London Instagram is now available in London, and now you can also discover brands there.

You now have access and an Instagram hashtag for each brand in the city, and it will show the top brands from across the country.

You’re also able to see which brands are active in the region and which ones are new to London. 


Discover brands and brands around the globe We now have a search option for brands, too.

You’ve got the option to browse Instagram brands around your area and brands on Instagram that you haven’t yet heard of. 10.

Search influencers for brands and beauty products Instix, the app for Instagram, now has a new search option that lets you find brands, beauty products, brands in a specific city, or even brands in another city. 


Follow influencers to discover new brands and trends You can now follow Instagram influensys to discover brand, product, or brand trends. 


Discover new brands If you’re a beauty brand or a beauty influencer, you will now be able find brand and beauty trends for the brands in their city.

Instagram users will be able search through their photos, and they’ll be alerted when a brand or product is trending. 


Discover a brand from the US or the UK The brand search and product searches in Instagram are now available to users from the United Kingdom and the United of States.

You still need to sign up for an Instagram profile, but you now can discover brands in those two countries. 


Discover trends and trends in the UK or the US You now can find trends and fashion trends for brands around you.

You will be alerted on a new page when a fashion brand is trending, and on Instagram when a beauty product is a trend. 


Discover trending trends and brands We’re excited to announce that Instagram users in the following countries are now able to discover trends and beauty brands around them: Australia  United Kingdom Ireland Italy Austria