Why I’m boycotting audrey Hepburn Fashion Shoes

Posted by The Guardian on Thursday, January 15, 2018 15:28:12In her recent New York Times bestselling memoir, Audrey Hepworth wrote that in the 1950s, when she first met her future husband, a fashion designer, he had told her, “I don’t want to wear heels.”

Hepworth said this “was the most liberating moment of my life.”

She added that, in the 1960s, her husband’s friend introduced her to fashion designer Robert Klein, and that she thought, “This is my husband.

He is my lover.”

The two women went to Klein’s studio, Klein told Hepworth, and he “did not wear heels.

He made them for me.”

The fashion designer then explained to her that she needed to take her shoes off and that he wanted to give her a lesson in fashion design.

“My first reaction was to laugh,” Hepworth writes.

“I told him, ‘No, I love heels, and I’m a designer.

You can do whatever you want.

I don’t need to learn to do this.'”

The fashion editor then suggested they go back to their hotel room and sit on the bed together, but they insisted on sitting on the sofa and kissing each other.

Hepworth recalls: I didn’t know what to say.

I was in shock.

And Robert had said, ‘I don of course want you to have heels.

I have told you so.

I just think it is so interesting and I don.t think I should.

So I just said, let’s do it.’

So I took off my heels.

And we kissed, and they were my shoes again.

And I said, no, I don of c not want to do that anymore.

And he said, that’s okay.

And that’s how we did it for the next three months.

I remember thinking, Wow, that was really liberating.

And it was, in fact, the most empowering moment of all.