How the 1940s Fashion Revolution Changed Fashion & Women’s Lives

Fashion, once the domain of the wealthy, has since become the domain for the masses.

But for many, it’s become a struggle. 

The 1940s was a time when women became the fashion stars, the fashion icons, the model, the muse and the muse of their times.

They took the reins of the fashion industry, and for a time, it was the hottest in the world. 

Women, in their own right, took the lead in fashion and became its creators.

Fashion magazines were written by women, fashion magazines were designed by women.

They created clothes, shoes, accessories, fashion shows, and magazines for women, and then they made money from them.

But the fashion magazines themselves didn’t exist. 

In the 1920s, women’s magazines were all about the women’s rights movement, about how women could have it all, how women should control their bodies, how they should control the way they dressed, and how they could achieve all that through a few simple actions.

Women were free to dress however they wanted, to express themselves however they wished, to love whoever they chose, and they could even change their bodies to fit their needs.

In fact, the magazines had to be censored in order to protect their identities, their right to freedom of speech.

In other words, they were being censored.

There was a revolution happening, a new era, and fashion was changing in many ways.

The rise of women’s clothing, the proliferation of the beauty industry, the rise of fashion houses like Coco Chanel, and the women who created the fashion in those days, were the catalysts for the shift in women’s fashion.

But there was a new, radical force at work in the 1940’s, and it was an unlikely one: fashion bloggers.

Today, fashion blogs are all about women.

But in the past, they had very little to do with women.

It was women who were writing the fashion columns.

Today, fashion bloggers have become a huge part of the female aesthetic.

And the trends they create are changing women’s lives in ways that have been unprecedented.